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The January Blog

With the beginning of the New Year, I have decided to challenge myself to write a blog a month based purely on 3 or 4 chosen projects completed.

The aim of the blog is partly to keep an account of the work I complete, as well as for marketing reasons like boosting SEO and gaining more leads - but mostly just because I feel like most people don't really have a clue what I get up to, or who/what/where the work is for.

So, January: The first job this month was with long term client DDSTAYS; who focus on providing short stay accommodation in the Dundee area. The job was to create a portfolio of photographs for potential guests at a new property on the DDSTAYS portfolio. Below are a few of the photos from the property.

With property photography, my aim is always to keep the accuracy of my photographs in relation to the property as high as possible. To achieve this, when taking photos like this a technique called bracketing is used which is easiest explained as being similar to the HDR option on smart phones. The camera is set up, and one photo is taken at regular exposure, lower exposure and a higher too. In the editing suite, these are combined and create a photo showing the best interpretation of the image based on three different lighting situations. Being a seaside property, it worked especially well to use this technique as it allowed the view out the window to be just as well exposed as the darker woods and fire place.

Almost entirely opposite to the first job in January: a short documentary filmed with local DJ/Producer: Hannah Laing.

The piece was shot in one day, with Hannah taking her audience through her story of how she became one of the biggest DJs in Dundee today. We set up a multi-camera rig to film the interview, and curated photos and videos from the past 10 years to include in the finished piece.

The key to creating a great piece on this project was the lighting, by spending time on creating the look required and allowing for modifications to be made before rolling the end result will have a look that grabs viewers attention and removes the possible flat and washed out colours.

Interview video production dundee

A slightly colder but none the less enjoyable job completed in January was collecting a final couple of pieces of content for MetalTech UK.

Having worked along side marketing brand Jigsaw Media since October on creating a new look for Dundee based metal fabrication company MetalTech UK, it was great to head out to shoot a few notable projects with the MD Wattie Milne.

The day included getting a few clips of recent projects , for example the speakers built in to the notable whale structure at the Dundee waterfront, which will be used in the front page video we began in October. On the photography side, we captured some content of the same speakers as well as metal fencing surrounding the HMS Discovery before heading back to the Company workshops where we photographed some processes for the new website which is being constructed by Jigsaw for launch soon.

Overall, this has been a pretty large project and with the freedom and trust of the organizations involved the creative control has been left to myself and I look forwards to being able to show the work we have completed together.

The fourth and final project I would like to include in this months blog is a fairly different project to the usual nightclubs and wedding venues I find myself at throughout the year.

Period Positive is a workshop ran in classrooms to educate young people on the causes, effects and products surrounding menstruation.

Again, working alongside Jigsaw Media the project was filmed at Dundee & Angus College's Gardyne location, the shoot has been spread across 3 days with the goal of creating a legacy piece for a workshop which is no longer continuing in 2022. The final video with run for the same duration as the workshop, which is split into 2 x two hour segments composed of talking to camera sections, activities and voice overs.

The word in the brief that took my attention was 'Brave'. D&A needed something which would stand out, and grab the attention of the attendants just as the workshop was known for. This lead to a lot of time being spent on planning, and deciding how to shoot each section. Again similar to the documentary shot earlier this month, this meant setting up a great multi-cam set up. The different segments of the piece were shot differently, but some set ups included wide shots, over head views of the products being discussed and close ups. Working in partnership on the edit with fellow creative Niall Clarke, in post-production we have taken advantage of creating eye-catching but tasteful motion-graphics, stop motion and custom made transitions to suit the colour scheme of the branding.

This project is a powerful subject, and will be many young peoples first introduction to the topic - therefore we have placed significant important on creating a piece that is equally as powerful as well as information and engaging for the audience.

So that's the top 4 from January, a busy month and a great start to the year for both myself personally and the business.

See ya next month.

P.s Honourable mention for a shoot with another long term client Global Collect this month, I didn't have many words to say about it but I liked the outcomes so have a look at them below.

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